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Kitchens designed with seniors in mind.

Kitcheners ® is committed to custom designing a kitchen to suit all specific needs, including those of seniors. One such popular design feature is the SERVO-DRIVE pull-out system which Kitcheners ® Kitchens has found very popular with all their clients, particularly their elderly clientele.

SERVO-DRIVE has an advanced sensory system so that you don’t have to pull heavy drawers out when you want them opened. With practically no hands or effort, drawers and pull-outs open simply and easily.

SERVO-DRIVE is an electrical opening support system from Blum whereby the drawers and high fronted pull-outs open automatically using an electrical drive with just a light touch on a handle-less front or a light pull of the handle. Apart from the streamline look, it creates total freedom of motion in the kitchen and everyone from children to the elderly can effortlessly activate the heaviest of drawers with just the lightest of touches. Despite its advanced nature, SERVO-DRIVE is surprisingly maintenance-free and takes up minimal installation space.

The SERVO-DRIVE is just one way Kitcheners ® are custom designing kitchens for seniors. Kitcheners ® will recommend other effortless technology and gadgetry to enhance convenience in the kitchen. Considered layouts and thoughtful placement of appliances and electrical sockets is undertaken. As is the choice of particular surfaces such as mindful floor coverings and easy maintenance surfaces, especially if you’re expecting grandkids to spend a lot of time with you.

Kitcheners ® will design a kitchen space that minimizes unnecessary walking between preparation areas and cooking appliances while perhaps adding pull-out counters under microwaves and ovens to allow hot food to rest without the need to walk over to another counter.

Kitcheners ® will also recommend automated gadgetry to enhance the convenience in the kitchen. After all, custom designing kitchens for seniors is just one more example of Kitcheners ® tailoring a kitchen to the owner’s exact needs.

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