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A Kitchen has evolved past the conventional meaning of a room or an area simply equipped for preparing and cooking food. It is no longer a place where food is made, it is a place where meals are created – simultaneously, both a work area and an entertainment area. A modern kitchen is a focal point of a house where we create, entertain, meet and enjoy life. This helps explain why kitchen designs have gravitated towards an open plan approach. Put simply, the kitchen has evolved into a “Heart of a Home”.

Kitchen Design

When thinking of creating a perfect kitchen, a few aspects must be considered in order for the new kitchen to truly become the “Heart of your Home”.

Firstly, you must consider the shape of the kitchen space.

L–Kitchen – An open plan design with loads of flexibility and usability.
U–Kitchen – An ideal space for the best room of the house.
Inline Kitchen – A single row design where the space is at a premium.
Galley Kitchen – A double row kitchen design.
Island Kitchen - A single row design with a half or a full island.
G-Kitchen – Expansive kitchen design allowing for the ultimate in flexibility.

Secondly, you must understand the 5 Kitchen Zones and decide what kind of balance you would like in your kitchen.

Consumables – Simply a storage area. This area includes storage for consumables in long storage, cold and frozen form.
Non-consumables – A kitchen storage area for kitchenware from cooking utensils to benchtop electrical appliances.
Cleaning – The “Wet zone” work area with all associated items including cleaning products and waste collection.
Preparation – Storage of the items used in the cooking process, from spices and mixing bowls to knives and chopping boards.
Cooking – Pots, pans and other cooking appliances, as well as supporting items like cookbooks.

Storage Space
It is extremely important to have a good idea of the space needed to fit everything into your kitchen and how this space is being utilized.

There are a large number of solutions on the kitchen market that help protect your back from unnecessary strain. These are simple ideas, which when put together, make everyone’s life a lot easier, while ensuring the kitchen is a more pleasurable space.

Access to the items everywhere in the kitchen should be easy and unobstructed.

Kitchen purpose

Kitchens are made for different purposes with different outcomes in mind. For example, an office kitchen or kitchenette, is commonly a very tight space so efficiency, flexibility and friendliness of use is imperative. For investment properties, you may seek a kitchen where the focus is on price, durability and installation time. See, kitchens are built to cater for personal circumstances and needs. Kid-friendly kitchens as well as senior-friendly kitchens are some examples of purpose-built kitchen environments.

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