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Kitchen Floor Options

Kitchen Floor options

Choosing the right material for your kitchen floor is important. Your choice will depend on your budget, environment and lifestyle. If you’re a parent with kids running around making a mess, an amateur chef, or you use the kitchen for parties and show, your kitchen floor needs will differ. So take some time to consider your flooring options and decide what will work best for your individual needs to create the perfect kitchen environment.

Concrete floor

Aesthetically minimalist, concrete offers the homeowner a long-lasting strong kitchen floor that will resist any stains, spills, scratches and messes, along with a lot of kitchen activity. Maintenance is minimal with only the occasional sweeping and mopping needed. Concrete also gives you the ability to choose from many colours and designs for the floor. This is a durable, easy to maintain, budget friendly option.

Wood floor

The warmth that wood brings to a kitchen is undeniable. If you love the welcoming look of wood in your home, you have two different options for the flooring of your kitchen. Both options are also great for reducing allergens in the kitchen as they cannot get trapped on the hard flooring.

Hardwood kitchen floor

This type of wood adds that extra element of beauty, elegance and style to your home. Although the cost is higher than laminated wood, this floor is comfortable and warm for those who like to walk around in bare feet and long lasting. There are many different wood and finish options to create the perfect look. Only the regular vacuuming and mopping is needed, depending on the finish, and your kitchen flooring will last a lifetime.

Laminated Wood kitchen floor

Laminated wood is a great alternative if you love the look of wood for your kitchen, and if hardwood is beyond your budget. This flooring is water resistant and tough. You no longer have to worry about spills, scratches or your footwear for this floor and creating this style in your kitchen is time and cost effective. Although colours and styles are more limited, laminated wood offers the warmth, comfort and resilience of hardwood without the cost.

Vinyl/Linoleum floor

Vinyl kitchen floor

Vinyl gained prominence in the 1960’s and remains a popular choice. You are offered a great variety of colours and patterns to choose from, and it is a very inexpensive option. Your kitchen need not be out of use for more than an hour or two for installment, and once installed you have relatively little to worry about. Cleaning is simple and if there is a problem with an area it is cheap to replace. Warm and comfortable to walk around in bare feet, and very quiet to walk on for those who want to keep babies asleep! Although the colours may fade after a few years and bumps may appear, it is a cheap, water-resistant easy to clean option for those who do not want to think about maintenance.

Linoleum kitchen floor

Similar to vinyl in terms of comfort, maintenance and toughness, and also comes in a variety of patterns and colours. This is, however, a slightly more expensive but environmentally friendly option. Linoleum is made from natural resources and also only requires a pH neutral cleaner. This is great for the ecologically driven individuals and the chemically sensitive.


A long-lasting, durable floor, tiles offer the homeowner the guarantee that their kitchen floor will remain intact for many years. The ease of maintenance of this flooring makes tiles an attractive option for many. You also have a variety of styles and colours to choose from.

Natural Stone Tile kitchen floor

Using natural stone tile for your kitchen floor will immediately add a beautiful earthy element to your household. There are a variety of stones to choose from, in a variety of price ranges. For durability sealing of the stone is required, however cleaning is hassle free and you will only need water and detergent.

Terracotta Tile kitchen floor

The pink, reddish and orange tones of this material offer an immediate warm, rustic, Mediterranean feeling. You can choose from a range of gloss finishes - none to a high gloss finish - depending on the look you desire for the kitchen. This is also a heat retaining material which makes it ideal for underfloor heating systems. Be wary of stains as they need to be washed off immediately to not have a permanent effect.

Ceramic Tile kitchen floor

A timeless look that has been used for thousands of years, ceramic tiles are always a great option. This floor is cost effective and easy to maintain. You can unleash your inner interior designer as tiles come in a variety of sizes, colours, and patterns. They have the added benefit of being water and stain resistant. Although strong, there is still the possibility of breakage. However tile is much easier to repair than some other options as you only need to repair the broken parts.

Cork floor

A beautiful, natural look for your kitchen, cork offers a reasonably priced flooring choice with style. You can choose from a variety of natural tones to create that perfect atmosphere in your kitchen. Warm and comfortable under the feet, quiet to walk on and in the likely event that a glass or plate will drop, it will absorb the fall. It is also resilient to all kinds of footwear and is water resistant. This a great green option for the environmentally conscious.

Carpet floor

Carpets are not advisable for kitchen floors as they stain easily, are not water resistant, collect allergens and are also a fire hazard. However this flooring is for those who want a warm and soft floor in kitchens with minimal usage.



Polished Concrete
Kitchen Floor:

polished concrete kitchen floor


Wood Kitchen Floor:

Kitchen Floor - wood


Linoleum Kitchen Floor:

Linoleum kitchen floor


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Cork Kitchen Floor:

Cork kitchen floor