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Six Kitchen Cleaning Tips - 12 minutes to a Clean Kitchen

There's nothing worse to killing a great mood first thing in the morning than walking into a filthy kitchen! Devoting 12 minutes of your life and using these six kitchen cleaning tips before you go to bed will go a long way towards that great mood tomorrow morning! The key is cleaning in steps!

Kitchen cleaning tips #1 is dish control! First, fill the sink with hot, soapy water. Zip around the kitchen collecting all the dirty dishes and put them in the sink to soak. Take all the dirty pots and pans, fill them with soapy water, then put back on the stove and turn on the heat.

Kitchen cleaning tips #2 is garbage control! Take a plastic grocery bag and throw away all the trash sitting on the counters and kitchen table (empty yogurt containers, cheese wrappers, chip bags, fruit skins), then put this in your big trash container.

Kitchen cleaning tips #3 is clutter control! First, zip around the kitchen and pick up all the food items - bags of bread, chips, fruit snacks, spices - and put back into the pantry. Next, tackle all the paper and recycling items - throw old newspapers, water bottles, empty cans and junk mail into the recycling bin, and stack everything else neatly by the phone.

Once your counters are clear you are ready for kitchen cleaning tips #4: surface cleaning. Spray all surfaces, including your counter tops, microwave touchpad and stove top with a multipurpose cleaner and let soak - hold off on the fridge and dishwasher for now. While everything is soaking and softening up the crunchy stains, return to your sink. Give your dishes a quick scrub as you load them into the dishwasher, or if you don't have a dishwasher, now is the time to wash them, while all the food is soft and ready to scrub off. Scrub out pots and pans. Once your dishes are taken care of, pull out your weapon of choice (paper towels/scrubber-sponge/dishtowel/microfiber cloth) and attack your counters and stove (I like the scrubby side of a sponge, followed by a microfiber towel to dry). A quick scrub is all they need at this point, since all the hard-core grunge is now soft and ready to clean.

Kitchen cleaning tips #5 is the big finish. Give your oven, fridge, dishwasher and microwave a quick spray with your multipurpose or glass cleaner then wipe down with paper towels or a microfiber towel.

By now your kitchen is almost clean, the only thing left is the floors. Kitchen cleaning tips #6 is to quickly sweep or swiffle your floors.

NOW your kitchen is sparkly clean and clear of clutter and you did it in only 12 minutes, using only 6 kitchen cleaning tips! As you can see, using these kitchen cleaning tips are a fast and easy way to a great mood tomorrow morning! The only thing left to do is to set the coffee maker!

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