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The benchtop thatís best for you

The benchtop thatís best for you

When you have stone, laminate, granite, marble, steel, timber and concrete to choose from, itís very challenging to choose the ideal benchtop surface for your new kitchen. Your decision often comes down to price, aesthetics and practicality, but wouldnít it be good if you knew the all the Ďpros and consí of every surface so you can make a fully informed decision? Well, weíre here to enlighten you.


This synthetic cost effective option is made up of several layers. Itís affordable, durable and versatile, coming in a variety of colours and styles that even emulate a particular natural look like timber or granite.

Granite and marble

Go back to basics and back to nature with these classic surfaces that come in a highly polished or matt honed finish. Itís visually spectacular, ultra smooth and cool on the fingers.


This beautiful solid surface is a patented blend of acrylic and natural minerals. Itís non-porous and stain resistant and comes in many colours, both matt and gloss. It can also be welded together to form seamless joints.


This ever-popular man-made stone is low maintenance, as well as stain and scratch resistant. Itís non-porous, waterproof and heat resistant, and best of all looks fantastic.

Stainless steel

Great for that cutting edge industrial look and feel, it is highly durable. However you must maintain it regularly, as scratching can occur quite easily.

If you are very particular about surfaces, there are many more options like timber, tile and concrete. The designers at Kitcheners® are always delighted to discuss and create something to suit your individual taste and needs.


The benchtop that is best for you

The benchtop that is best for you

The benchtop that is best for you